ChatGPT comments for LinkedIn

Personalize and customize as you want

Swift Reply - ChatGPT for LinkedIn - One-click generator of valuable comments to grow your brand | Product Hunt


Swift Reply uses powers of ChatGPT and GPT-3.5 and helps to generate unique human-like replies/comments.


Swift Reply is fully customizable with various parameters, such as: personality traits or reply/comment size, etc.


Swift Reply understands the context of LinkedIn posts and/or comments and therefore creates the best answer.


Swift Reply generates professional texts with no mistakes that are noticed and appreciated by LinkedIn algorithm.

Unlimited replies

No subscriptions, no limits of replies generated per day or month. Short, normal or long sized. Use as much as you need.


No need to read the post (or comment) that you want to reply/comment. Text is generated in less than 10 seconds.

5x Faster

5x faster writing and growing

Delegate fast comment writing to an AI, which is customized to your needs

10x Activity

10x increased engagement

More comments you write - more people will be interested in your persona